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Sunday, November 20, 2016

That was a year, that was...

2016 - a year of highs and lows for the Arnott family.  

Things went a bit pear-shaped after returning from South America. Glossing over some pretty major family health scares, a real highlight was the wedding of our eldest daughter - a real party wedding in central London - wonderful.

..and what a change since the last post. We are to have our European citizenship removed through Brexit, the Scottish Nationalists are looking for another chance to split up the UK and we have a wonderful new Leader of the Free World in waiting. Isn't that great?  Never mind, I'm sure it'll turn out OK. [thanks to Sherman Law for the image]

...but this is a travelling blog so let's get back on track and catch up.

We're back in Nerja, looking at the sunrise from our newly tiled terrace: uplifting indeed.

It's been great to get back to our Nerja bubble, particularly walking, tapas etc. with friends.

The Travelling Car
We decided, with sadness, that it was time to say farewell to our trusty VW Touareg; after its adventures with us it was probably glad of the rest, although it still looked great. We've replaced it with a... Touareg - but not the two gearbox job like the previous machine - this one, although 4x4, probably wouldn't be quite so good in the Sahara and Icelandic rivers as the last one. But we've been there, done that... This one feels totally different; fallen in love already - central London, country lanes, motorway and, most importantly, towing - all perfecto.

The new outfit:

UK Travel
We've completed more of our coastal tour with the new motor: North Wales and Devon, both fascinating in their different ways. As often is the case on these trips, the distribution of wealth along coastal towns and villages often changes dramatically - sometimes in just a few miles; this was certainly the case in North Wales. As we moved further south below Paignton in Devon, the narrow winding roads were quite a surprise. Interesting with the 'van on the back I must say... I also managed to scratch both sides of the shiny new Touareg at the same time as we drove to the coast down an increasingly narrow lane... but, hey, adventures, that's why we bought it. 
We also managed to catch up with friends old and new along the way, which was great.

Some random images as we travelled:

Bodnant House & Gardens, Colwyn Bay

A WW2 submarine at Gosport:

Imagine working this in action;

South Devon Railway:

Pretty Brixham:

Arriving at Greenway, Agatha Christie's Summer House:

Dartford Naval College:

Planning Ahead

We've planned some interesting trips for 2017. More later. Fingers crossed!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Home and Away

We're back in the UK after our full-on South American adventure which turned out to be all that we hoped it might be and more.

 So family things, the usual jobs and administration of life fill our time before we're off to Nerja - although there's a delay we're hoping to get there soon.

Time for dinner on the embankment, though - a Christmas present from daughter and partner gratefully consumed. Looking at the impressive skyline as we walked in the freezing temperatures, we couldn't help wondering who will be in Boris's seat next year. Strange, unsettling times I reckon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


We're currently travelling in South America. To see the blog see link on right or click HERE.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Malaga Lights

Before we head back to the UK on Monday, we pop into Malaga to see the Christmas lights.

They're simpler than usual but extremely effective with much admiration from the Spanish throngs. Family selfies seem to be the new thing.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Caminito del Rey

A three night trip to the the area around El Churro with our walking group. It's around a 1.5 hour drive from Nerja.

We finish with a walk on the Caminito del Rey, which looks far more frighting than it turns out to be... once we are on the walkway, that is.

so what is the Caminito?

A wooden walkway pinned to the sides of a deep gorge...

you might know this already...

The original Caminito was fitted to the sides of the gorge in 1906 to access a 3 km water channel that was constructed to generate hydro-electric power; quite some achievement back then. This followed the construction of a railway through the gorge by the creation of a series of tunnels, completed in 1865.
The walkway was originally known as Balconcillos de los Gaitanes but was given its current name in 1921 when King Alfonso XIII walked along it as part of the inauguration of the new El Churro dam; that was quite an achievement, too, because the original walkway was decidedly dodgy in 21st Century health and safety terms.
The new walkway was completed and opened in Spring 2015.

here we are trying it out...

You Tube Clip

now, the photos...

Looks very different from down here

Variations in height along the route

Approaching the bridge across the gorge

The old bridge alongside the new

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nerja Notables

Back again...

Look what they've used as sunshades in Torrox Pueblo:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Summertime in England

(need chilling out?! Van Morrison: Summertime in England)

Lots of time spent doing family things this summer because our daughters are now all in the UK.. and near to us with two in London.... which is great, of course.

What an interesting political landscape in the UK this summer... if interesting is the right word... Nationalists, left wing, right wing... what is the middle of the road person going to do now?

Anyway, this is our travel blog so, as we've spent a fair amount of time travelling around the English coast and more in the new 'van, have a look at what we've been up to:

Lets start our cultural tour with a visit to the Royal Albert Hall to see the, er.. Beach Boys in Concert

It's colour coordinated you know..

 Stone Globe near Bournemouth, where we see the, er.. Moody Blues in Concert..

Been here before, but too good to miss again as we head for Salisbury

A good original copy of the Magna Carta lies here..

 Then it's on to Stratford to see Othello at the RSC. Wonderful, actually. And here lies the Bard himself.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage..

In the RSC before we turn off the camera...

Jewellery making as it used to be.. the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

The wonderful North Norfolk Coast

The longest narrow gauge railway in the country at Walsingham, they say...

Geoff's birthday in a London Blues Bar... enough said...

High House, Stafford... wonderfully maintained... pity about the ground floor...

In High House there is this gem.....Look carefully: it's the death warrant for Charles the First and there is Oliver Cromwell's' signature on the left.

And sitting on Greenwich Hill, we reflect on a summer well spent...